Growing Dahlias

Dahlias bushes grow from TUBERS.  The planted tuber develops several more tubers underground  over the growing season (May through frost).  Growth “eyes” are found on the tuber neck where it connects to the stalk.  Tubers must have one or more growth “eyes” to be viable. 

Dahlias are native to the mountains in Mexico.  Species varieties were taken to Europe where the eight petal blooms began to be hybridized into the 20 sizes/forms we know today.  Hybridizers continue to develop new varieties through a multi-year process of growing new variants from seed.  It may take 1000 planted seeds to find a worthy variety to develop into a new disseminated variety.

Our monthly meetings help us improve our skills and make friends with folks who share our interest in dahlias.  The free Federation Workshops provide several hours of more intense learning twice a year.

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