Deer! Dahlia Doctor

Dear Dahlia Doctor,

HELP! I have deer running all over my property! They’re in my dahlias! Do you know of anything I can do to stop them from coming!?!

Undeer Siege


Dear Undeer Siege,

Those pesky deer get into everything, don’t they? I have some possibly solutions you can try on your property to see if it will help keep them away.

  • If you have any old shoes – the stinkier the better – toss them around the edge of your garden. Hopefully the smell of humans will keep them from approaching
  • Did you know deer don’t like to walk on Bubble Wrap?! They just won’t do it! Place some sheets of Bubble Wrap along the edges of your garden and use something heavy like rocks to weigh it down.

Hope that helps keep Bambi away!

- The Dahlia Doctor

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